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Serrano ham

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Jambon Serrano Trevelez I.G.P "Etiqueta Negra" 23 months - No Additives


Jambon Serrano Protected Geographical Indication "Jambon de Trevelez".
The Trevelez ham we offer is a Serrano ham with the particularity of having no preservatives, the only ingredients being ham and sea salt.

What\'s more, we choose Trevelez "Etiqueta Negra" ham, which is the highest quality, with a minimum maturing period of 23 months.
This product has no additives.

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20.35 €/kg

D.O.P. Teruel ham

Jambon Serrano Protected Designation of Origin "Jamon de Teruel".
This designation is the first created in Spain to protect the traditional production of Serrano ham.
Jamón de Teruel is a ham produced in the traditional way, with selected animals and natural curing thanks to a very dry climate with very cold winters and very hot summers. Maturing times for large cuts are around 20 months.

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18.20 €/kg