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Conserves de la Mer

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Plain clams

Natural clams 10/14 pieces.
The true Galician specialty. Considered among the best in the world.

110 grs

Sea urchin caviar


We present a true delicacy from the seas of Galicia. Sea urchin caviar is harvested by hand. Each urchin is opened and the caviar is carefully removed and tinned with the natural juice.

To be enjoyed cold

80 grs.

Bonito Nardin fillets in olive oil

Bonito fillets from northern Spain fished in the Cantabrian Sea, the coast of the Spanish Basque Country.
This is a traditional fishery carried out with small boats,
Bonito from this coast is of exceptional quality. Very fine.

240 g.

Sardines in olive oil 115 g

Quality sardines. 16/22 pieces.
Very tender sardines in olive oil for sardine lovers. They are so small that you can\'t even feel the edges.
Very fine sardines.
115 grs