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Manchego PDO cheese

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Sheep's milk cheese with black truffle 230-250 g

Cheese made with raw sheep\'s milk and black truffles.
This cheese is produced using the manchego method. However, the Manchego PDO does not allow truffles to be used in its name, as truffles are not found in La Mancha.
The truffle used in this cheese is one of the best, the "Tuber Melanosporum" from Périgord, which is also found in the north-east of Spain.

230-250 grs

Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese is Spain's most universal cheese.

This cheese is produced in the La Mancha region, as its name suggests, and is unique in that it is made exclusively from the milk of Manchega sheep.

Manchego cheese will be called "semi-curado", "curado" and "añejo" depending on its maturing period of around 4 to 12 months. The older it is, the more yellow its pate and the more character it will have.

Manchego is a hard cheese that will develop small holes as it ages.

All our Manchego cheeses are made with raw ewe's milk, which results in a cheese of superior quality.

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