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Ham knives

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Ham knife case

Soft case for cutting ham.
Includes 3 knives and a sharpener.
Each knife has its own specific function. Two to remove bark and one to make thin slices.

Ham knife 30cm + sharpener pack

Forged 30 cm honeycombham knife with long, flexible blade for long, thin slices.
The honeycomb design ensures that the knife glides easily when cutting. Includes sharpener to maintain your knife.

Ham knife 25 cm Toledo

Very good quality, professional ham knife for extremely thin slices of ham.
Beautiful finish inspired by Toledo knives.
Lifetime warranty.
Size 25 cm

Ham knife 25cm. uniblock

Uniblock ham knife, i.e. the knife is made in a single piece that goes all the way to the end of the handle. It\'s a good knife for cutting ham more easily.

Size 25 cm

Ham tongs / thorns

We sell these ham tongs for picking up pieces of ham when you\'re cutting.
But it also has another use. It\'s great for removing spines from salmon or other fish you\'re preparing.