Preparation for fabada 850 grs
  • Preparation for fabada 850 grs

Preparation for fabada 850 grs

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Ingredients to make the best fabada for 3-4 people.
Made with IGP "fabes", which are white Asturian beans of extraordinary quality, and chorizo, black pudding and bacon.
See our recipe in the product description.

850 grs

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Fabada is the emblematic dish of Asturian gastronomy. It's very easy to make and the result is excellent.
This preparation is made with "fabes", which are very fine beans with a protected Geographical Indication, and whose production is limited. The other ingredients that go into fabada are black pudding, chorizo and bacon. These three ingredients are called "compango".

It's a dish that's going to take you no time at all, as the preparation is very easy.


The day before preparing the fabada, soak the "fabes" (beans) in plenty of water.
In the morning, drain the "fabes" and put them in a pot with the compango (blood sausage, chorizo, bacon), a chopped onion, two peeled garlics, whole parsley and a little olive oil.
Cover with cold water and place over the heat.
When it starts to boil, skim the surface if there's a little foam.
Leave to cook slowly, just enough to ensure a gentle boil throughout, taking care to keep it covered with water.
An hour later, add the saffron (we suggest our IGP Saffron de La Mancha).
Once cooked, add the salt.
If the broth is too liquid, we can take a few fabes, crush them, add them and leave to cook a little longer. This will thicken the broth.
Although the recipe says it takes two hours to prepare, we recommend you leave it for 3 hours. Just taste and see how tender the beans are.
At the end, remove the onion and parsley and serve.
The service is done in such a way that the "fabes" are served on a plate and all the meat is cut into pieces and put on a plate in the middle for everyone to help themselves.

It's a very tasty and simple recipe, requiring only a short cooking time.
The preparation is for 3-4 people, so if you have more you can always cook several at a time.

850 grs

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