100% Iberian bellota morcon
  • 100% Iberian bellota morcon

100% Iberian bellota morcon

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Morcon is a lesser-known Spanish Iberian sausage that is a type of chorizo. It is prepared in the same way, but the difference is that the tripe used to refine it is larger than that used for chorizo. In addition, more noble meats, such as tenderloin, filet mignon and presa, are used in its preparation.
It's a product with a different presentation from the usual chorizo.
This morcon comes from 100% free-range Iberian pigs fed on acorns.

Various weights to choose from.

Weight selection: 950 - 1000 g
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If you like chorizo, you'll love morcón even more.
Morcón is made with noble meats and contains less fat than chorizo.
It's made with 100% Iberian pork, paprika and garlic. All this is placed in natural tripe and then matured for a period of 6 to 8 months.
This product has an original presentation and is a very good product that we recommend you discover.

Choice of half and whole pieces.

59.08 €/kg

Product of Spain

Nutritional values per 100 grs:
Energy value 1939 KJ / 463 Kcal
Fat 39,04 grs of which saturated fatty acids 18,45 grs
Carbohydrates 2,44 grs of which sugars 1,17 grs
Protein 25,7 grs
Salt 3,73 grs

Presa and lean 100% Iberian bellota pork, salt, paprika, dextrin, dextrose, vegetable fiber, spices and spice extracts, preservatives E-252 and E-250.

SEN015-950 - 1000 g
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