Cecina 2100 grs
  • Cecina 2100 grs

Cecina 2000 grs

VAT included
Oak-smoked cow's meat aged a minimum of 12 months.
It has been produced in the traditional way for over 2000 years.
We recommend this delicatessen if you're new to it.
This product may have white traces on the packaging due to the salt on the surface.

Weight 2000 grs.

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Oak-smoked cow's meat aged a minimum of 12 months.
To be sliced very thinly and eaten at room temperature.

Spanish cecina is very similar to ham, but is made from dried cow or beef meat. It is prepared from the various parts of the thigh. It is one of the oldest meats, having been produced for over two thousand years. Its traditional production method can be found in the book "Res Rustica", written in 42 AD by Lucius Moderatus, which explains how "cecina" was produced, in a similar way to today. In fact, the method of preserving this meat is still based on salt and cold to keep the cecina in the best possible conditions, just as it was 2,000 years ago.

Weight approx. 2100 grs.


Food information:

Ingredients: Beef and salt.

Nutritional information per 100g:
Energy 259Kcal / 1168 KJ
Protein 37.47g
Fat 12.17 gr.
of which saturated fatty acids 4.16 gr.
Carbohydrates 0 gr.
Sugars 0 gr.
Starch 0 gr.
Sodium 1,51 gr.
Salt 3,77 gr

This product is allergen-free.

Keep refrigerated. Once opened, wrap in cling film.

Cecinas Pablo
PI de Astorga
24.700 Astorga
León - España

Origin Spain

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