Pata Negra 100% Iberian Bellota boneless ham Exqium WITHOUT ADDITIVES (copy)
  • Pata Negra 100% Iberian Bellota boneless ham Exqium WITHOUT ADDITIVES (copy)

Bellota 100% Iberian boneless Pata Negra Ham Exqium ADDITIVE-FREE

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100% Iberian Exqium boneless bellota Pata Negra ham.
This ham, produced in Andalusia, is unique in that it contains no additives, nitrites or preservatives.
The only ingredients are ham and salt.
The ham is matured naturally, in drying sheds whose temperature and humidity are regulated by opening and closing the windows.
The curing period varies between 36 and 48 months, depending on the climate, the size of the rooms and the location of the drying sheds.
A very pure breed, free-range rearing with a diet rich in acorns and the absence of additives give a perfect balance to this exceptional piece.

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You're about to discover one of the best and most natural boneless Iberian bellota hams in existence.
This Exqium boneless ham comes from a farm in Andalusia where each pig has a hectare to eat, acorns, roots and herbs.
The breed is 100% Iberian, so this ham has the appetite of Pata Negra Bellota ham.
The 36 to 48-month curing period is totally natural, and no mechanical means are used to dry it.
The ingredients of this ham are: Ham and salt. No nitrite and no preservatives.
This is a 100% natural boneless ham.
From rearing to final curing, everything is done in harmony with nature.
The province of Huelva, in Andalusia, is home to some of Spain's finest hams.
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159.00 €/kg
Ingredients: Ham and salt
Exqium Baez Gourmet
Dublin 19 - II
28.232 Las Rozas - España
EXQ005-4300 gr
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