Raw ewe's milk cheese with black garlic 250 g (copy)
  • Raw ewe's milk cheese with black garlic 250 g (copy)

Raw ewe's milk cheese with black garlic 250 g (copy)

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Cheese made from raw ewe's milk with a minimum of 5% black garlic.

Matured for 11 months.
Black garlic gives this cheese a great taste. We recommend it for your cheese platters,
250 g
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This old sheep's milk cheese is made with selected raw sheep's milk and a special selection of black garlic, according to a traditional recipe. The milk is thermized, not pasteurized, to preserve all its natural and organoleptic properties.
Natural rennet is used to curdle the milk. The curdled milk passes through the filler to be filled into molds with 5% black garlic. These are then placed in the pressing area to extract excess whey. Once the pressing time has elapsed, the cheese is removed from the molds and placed in brine.
The result is a natural rind free from artificial additives. The cheese is matured for 11 months, during which time the black garlic melts and contributes its aromas. The result is a natural, unique and healthy product, without losing the essence of cheese from the Zamora region. A pleasure to taste.
250 grs.
Ingredients: Raw ewe's milk, 5% black garlic, natural rennet, salt, egg Lysozime, extra virgin olive oil and black garlic coating on the rind.
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