Tanned Iberian Lomo bellota 100 g
  • Tanned Iberian Lomo bellota 100 g

Tanned Iberian Lomo bellota 100 g

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Lomo 50% ibérico bellota.
100g of the finest vacuum-packed lomo.
From free-range 50% Iberian pigs fed on acorns.

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Lomo de porc is the tenderloin. It is one of the most prized parts of the Iberian pig.
It comes from 50% free-range Iberian pigs fed naturally on acorns, roots and herbs.
Each animal travels many kilometers during the day to feed. This infirltration of fat into the muscles results in meat with a very good taste.
The pigs used to make this lomo come from the Extremadura region, the cradle of the Iberian breed in Spain.
The climate is ideal for curing Iberian hams and sausages.
100 grs
Ingredients: Lean Iberian pork, salt , pepper, dextrin, dextrose, garlic, antioxidants E-316, preservatives E-250 and E-252.
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