Jabugo PDO ham - 100% Iberian Pata Negra Bellota
  • Jabugo PDO ham - 100% Iberian Pata Negra Bellota

Jabugo PDO ham - 100% Iberian Pata Negra Bellota

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The best PDO Jabugo ham in boneless format
100% purebred Iberian acorn-fed quality.
Our best boneless ham.

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160.00 €/kg
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Jabugo PDO ham is the best quality of the Pata Negra de Bellota Iberian hams.

It is made from purebred Iberian pigs that offer harmonious organoleptic qualities and a characteristically rich aroma.
This is the result of the breed as well as the acorn-based diet and natural grazing in oak forests, where there is a maximum of one pig per hectare. But above all, it's the result of a very slow, totally artisanal production process, based on the micro-climate of the Sierra de Huelva.

Each ham has been inspected by the Jamon de Jabugo PDO Regulatory Board, and has a register number to trace its rearing and feeding.

160.00 €/kg

Ingredients: Iberian pork shoulder, salt, sugar, acidity regulator (E 331iii), preservatives (E 252, E 250), antioxidant (E 301)Ingredients: Iberian ham and salt.

Values per 100 grams: Energy value: 354 Kcal / 1394 KJ, Protein: 33.2 g, Carbohydrates: 0.5 g, Total fat: 22.2 g (saturated fatty acids 6.53 g), Salt: 1.94 g.

Keep refrigerated. Once opened, wrap in cling film.
Altanza Jabugo, S.L.
Crta. del Repilado a Jabugo, 1
21.290- Jabugo
Huelva- España
Origin Spain
EXQ013-M-1100 gr

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