Special paella rice - Bomba rice
  • Special paella rice - Bomba rice

Special paella rice - Riz Bomba 500 g

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Special paella Bomba rice.
This rice has the particularity of absorbing the juices of the paella broth without sticking.

500 grs.
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Special paella Bomba rice.
This rice absorbs the juices from the paella broth and doesn't stick.

It's a Japonica rice variety with round, pearly grains. During cooking, it undergoes an accordion effect that allows the rice to absorb a lot of flavor but remain loose. Considered by experts to be of exceptional culinary quality thanks to its chemical composition, which maintains the perfect proportion between amylose and amylopectin. It is grown exclusively in the ecological environment of the Albufera Nature Park (Spain).

Advice on preparation:

Recommended for Mediterranean cuisine, especially Paella. Four parts water to one part rice. Approximate cooking time 18 minutes.
Absorbs much of the flavor of the broth in which it is cooked, but does not easily become mushy.

500 grs.
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